Radius Industries is an ISO 9001-2008 certified (for quality management systems) company. It was set up over four decades ago with the founder’s vision to meet the growing demands of the industry.

M.S.Bindra, the founder, decided to offer international quality reliable electronic components under the brand name Radcom around a decade ago. This was done to fill the big vacuum caused by a lack of good quality components, with the industry somehow managing with low grade components. Within 10 years, Radcom’s high quality and extremely reliable components ensured- the brand emerged as a single source offering multiple components.

At Radcom, the emphasis is mainly on quality and service. Its satisfied customers encourage it to keep adding newer components to meet all their needs from one single source.

Radcom offers complete component solutions for 1 amp, 2 amp and up to 6 amp applications. Apart from mobile battery chargers, the company offers a set of components for use in the manufacture of LED bulbs and LED drivers.

Recently, the company introduced power transistors in TO3 and TOP3 packages. These transistors are primarily used in PA systems.

Radcom also offers the complete basket of components for LED driver applications. The company’s range consists of MOSFETs, MOVs, NTCs, transistors, power transistors, diodes, LEDs, resistors, capacitors (ceramic, polyester and electrolytic), rectifiers, bridges, Schottky diodes, thyristors, diacs, triacs, SCRs, voltage regulators, TVs and ICs, etc. Its new products have also been very well accepted by the industry.

The company caters to different sectors like communications, power electronics, consumer electronics and lighting. One of Radcom’s objectives is to cater to quality-conscious OEMs. Company’s major OEMs to name a few Like INTEX for their different roducts like Home Theatre system, Mobile Battery Chargers etc, Microtek for UPS and Stabilizers, Lighting applications Like CFLs, Electronic Ballast and LED Bulbs. ( Anchor, Wipro, Orient etc.)

In-house testing facility

To ensure that its customers get nothing but the best in quality, with zero per cent rejection of its components, Radcom has set up its own in-house testing facilities at Okhla in New Delhi. These have been installed with CNC (computerised numerically controlled) diode testing machines, capacitor testing machines, computerised transistor testers, temperature profilers and various other machines to ensure zero rejection of components.

Sales network

Radcom has fullfledged sales and marketing team at its head office in Okhla, New Delhi. The national sales network consists of a strong chain of competent distributors and dealers, spread all over the country.

Infrastructure and international tie-ups

Radcom has manufacturing tie-ups with some of the leading international specialists in their respective fields. Its technical specialists and engineers conduct QC at all stages of production, starting from chip fabrication to the packaging of products, to ensure that the customer gets a flawless product.